TJC compiler

TJC is a Tcl compiler for the TclJava project. It is written in Tcl, and produces Java as output.

From the original announcement [L1 ]

 Tis the season for giving and because Jacl users have been
 very good this year, the gift of a shiny new compiler is
 now available via the tcljava CVS. The compiler is
 named TJC, which stands for Tcl to Java Compiler.
 The TJC compiler accepts Tcl source code as input and
 compiles Tcl procs into executable Java code stored in a
 Jar file. The compiler is accessed via a startup script
 named tjc.

TJC is written by Mo DeJong with funding by AMD, New Iron Systems, and One Moon Scientific.

It is included in the TclJava 1.4.1 release,