I am Todd J Martin. My email address is [email protected].

I have used Tcl for about 7 years at work. I work at Alcatel in the System Validation group in Plano, TX. We use Tcl extensively in developing tools to automate testing of our network elements. The main tool can control the TL1 [L1 ] interface of our systems. This tool can also use GPIB [L2 ] to control the test equipment that provides traffic to the systems. (We do not use the GPIB-Tcl [L3 ] extension; we have our own home grown one.) I have been maintaining and improving this tool in my "spare time" for almost 7 years.

I am the author of the tcltelnet extension, which I use at work in automation tools. I wrote this so I would not have to depend on expect just to spawn a telnet session.

I am currently working on a Tcl interface to the Pcap [L4 ] library. I have been working on it off and on for a while (mostly off), but I have finally made a release of tclpcap.

I have been playing around with Flickr [L5 ] for a little while, and have a few simple examples of automating it using their web APIs in Tcl. Uploading files to Flickr