What: TK3D
 Description: Collection of Tcl/Tk extensions to allow manipulation
 of large numeric arrays and to generate 3D graphic displays.
 Contains 5 packages - Tns (tensor), Vtd (view3d), Fct (faceted object),
 Fctr (faceted object rendering), and Tnsph (tensor-to-photo).
 Updated: 08/2002
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Neil McKay)

See: [L1 ]

GS (2005/03/02) Does someone has a compiled version of Tk3D for Windows ? Screenshots could be interesting too.

NDM Before I released the view3d widget to the public, it had Windows support. To create the OpenGL widget on Windows, I borrowed some code from Togl, and the company lawyers were concerned about violating Togl's license. So, unfortunately, I had to remove Windows support before releasing the public version. However, this was only a couple hundred lines of code, and I left in all the #ifdef's for Windows along with descriptions of what code needs to be inserted. Some brave person who knows both Windows and OpenGL should be able to fix it up in short order. (I don't own a Windows machine, or I'd do it myself.)

Neil McKay

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