Where: DEAD LINK 08/16/03 -  (???)
Description: Contains apps based on vanilla tcl 7.5/tk4.1 (or newer) including
	a full featured mail and news reader (vmail3), vacation mail autoreply
	interface (vvac), editor with HTML support and spell checking (vedit),
	file manager (fm), program launcher (vprog),
	directory based database interface (vquery), mailbox monitor (vbiff),
	directory query interface, directory NUAD update interface (vdir).
	Tested under SunOS, AIX 3 and 4, HPUX and Linux.  May run on
	Windows 95/NT as well.  Also requires ispell version 3.x, vacation,
	mmencode, and uuencode/uudecode.
Updated: 03/1997
Contact: (John van Gulik)

Someone once suggested that one T=try instead: "Tcl-to-go" [L1 ]