Description: Integrated program develpment environment for Tcl/Tk.
        Currently at version 2.20 .
 Updated: 11/27/2016
 Contact: See web site

----TKproE - a program development application for Tcl/Tk. Has extensive widget property editing, geometry management, canvas editing, namespace management and font management capabilities.

Dennis LaBelle 27 November 2016

I released TKproE 2.20 today. This version fixes a few bugs, adds some tooltip help, and includes an additional icon library.

LV Dennis has added support for tktable, gridder properties, ICONS package support, PostgreSQL support, and provided docs (which are now available in PDF).

Dennis LaBelle 30 July 2004

I released TKproE version 1.01 today. It should take care of most of the earlier complaints listed here. However, I don't know what's up with the "can't read "::mk4vfs::v::timer": no such variable' error since TKproE doesn't use any such variable. But I suspect tclkit does.

Also remember that there are forums available at to discuss bugs, feature requests, patches, etc. Messages posted to these forums are automatically forwarded to my e-mail box and will receive more timely attention than posts on the WIKI.

Kroc - 29 Jun 2004 - I got Application requested Exit at startup and exec magic is missing.

29 Jun 2004 - Tried sourcing it from within tclkit and get "can't read "::mk4vfs::v::timer": no such variable'. The gui windows do come up after this.

George Peter Staplin: A discussion of GUI builders came up, and I recalled reading about TKproE, so I decided to try it. The link above didn't work. This however does: This is my review of it:

 GPS    tkproe is interesting (after playing w/ it for 10 minutes), but it seems somewhat fragile.
 GPS    I created a button and tried to set its -command, but couldn't find it in the options, 
 GPS    so I tried to set a binding, but it kept popping up a "NoFunction" bgerror dialog.
 GPS    And now the app I created when loaded pops up "unknown color name SystemWindowFrame" 
 that's for Windows isn't it?
 <RockShox>     yeah
 <RockShox>     windows magic color

I'm using NetBSD. It seems that it has some bugs to be worked out on non-Windows platforms.