What: TOXFile, the Tcl OBEXTool-derived File Explorer
Description: The first pure Tcl/Tk, cross-platform, drag/drop-enabled, explorer-style file manager.
License: GPL
Version: 0.2
Updated: 11/10/2006
Contact: [email protected]

Screenshot: [L1 ]

SEH 20060613 -- OBEXTool is a very nice program, a high-quality specialty ftp client that acts like a file explorer. Since there are heretofore no cross-platform explorer-style file managers in the Tcl universe, I decided to poach its feature set by ripping out the ftp guts and turning it into the real thing.

TOXFile has many of the basic features of a good file explorer: toolbar, address bar, right-click context menus, multiple file selection drag and drop, a simple text file viewer/editor and file search.

On top of that, it's modular and configurable, external programs for viewing and editing files can be assigned by file type, and it has a Tcl plugin API for specialty tasks. Adding more advanced features should be fairly easy.

Being pure Tcl/Tk, it of course recognizes Tcl virtual filesystems. So it can be more than a file viewer, it is just one vfs away from being able to handle any sort of tree-format information. This combined with the ability to add plugins for specialty tasks gives TOXFile the potential to be a highly useful general purpose hierarchical information manager.

Do you have plans to replace sfm in FILTR with TOXFile?

SEH 20060614 -- Yes, that was one of my chief motivations in developing it.

20060622 Tried TOXFile and it seems to be more compatible (linux Redhat) and easier to use than sfm. Great! It would be more convenient for me if the current directory were displayed in the right window on start-up, and I've been poking around in the code to see how this could be done. I can set the entry widget but can't seem to trigger the <KeyPress-Return> event. Any suggestions?

SEH 20060622 -- "::tox::address_open $directory" will make the value in $directory the current location displayed in TOXFile (that's the call used by the address bar). To display the current directory, you could do: "::tox::address_open [pwd]". By the way, who are you, mysterious commenting stranger?

RGF Thanks for the info on the internal command - it works just fine. Sorry about the anonymity. I visit the wiki regularly but comment so rarely it didn't seem worth the disk storage. By the way, on the system I use, my home directory is really several layers away from root. This is the reason I find displaying the current directory more useful than starting at '/'.