Taylor Venable

Software Engineer from northeast Indiana, United States. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from Purdue University. My main academic interests are programming languages and operating systems. I also enjoy studying algorithms (of all kinds) and mathematical problem solving (e.g. Project Euler).

On this wiki and in chat I go by TCV. On IRC in general I go by metasyntax. But on many other sites and lists I just use my full name. For email contact, use [email protected] - use a good subject so my overly zealous SpamAssassin doesn't trash your message. Or just message me over XMPP at [email protected], where I'm usually signed on.

I write some free software in my spare time. You can find most of it on my website [L1 ].

I'm the maintainer of the Tcl syntax support in Vim which you can also access on BitBucket here [L2 ]. The version maintained in Mercurial is not necessarily suitable for widespread use, obviously, so unless you want to tinker you're best off using the one which comes with Vim or is on the stable FTP site [L3 ].

Any code that I write and put onto this site I place in the public domain unless explicitly stated otherwise.

AMG: Ah, I was looking for the Tcl Vim syntax maintainer! I have made extensive customizations, which I mailed to Dean Copsey. I never got a reply. Please check out my version here: [L4 ]. I hope that's the latest. :^) Basically I ditched all "keyword" highlighting, since Tcl doesn't really have any. Instead I focused on correctly highlighting quotes, braces, brackets, {*}, numbers, comments, variable substitutions, and namespace separators. I find that this minimal highlighting makes my code more readable than the over-the-top let's-highlight-every-word approach that was taken in the past.