Tcl/Tk Documentation Project (TTDP)


  1. Installation and Getting Started Guide - how to install the Tcl suite on various platforms and some basic advice for newbies. Maybe it would be good to have some HOWTOs, such as Sun-Install-HOWTO, HPUX-Install-HOWTO, Debian-Install-HOWTO, RedHat-Install-HOWTO and s.o.
  2. Extensions Use Guide - what kinds of extensions exist and for what things can each of them be used. Maybe TclX-Extension-HOWTO, itcl-Extension-HOWTO and s.o
  3. Extensions Programmer Guide - how to write extensions so there aren't collisions. (LV: This is basically the Tcl Extension Architecture TEA.)

I think writing some kind of Extension manager is good. This needs to be something like Debian dselect tool or Redhat RPM, some program that will know what extensions are installed, in which directory, where the config files for this extension are located, whether there are collisions with some other extension etc.

LV However, that is a different topic. The topic of this page, and this project, is the writing of useful/necessary documentation for the Tcl environment as it exists today. Once an Extension manager program is available, then it would be useful for this project to write a HOWTO use such a tool.

  1. Tcl/Tk Core Hackers Guide - more about core of the Tcl suite. Some map of the Tcl/Tk core sources.
  2. Guide to using Tcl/Tk as a C library rather than a programming language.
  3. Guide to extending Tcl/Tk with standalone executables and IPC, instead of loadable/static extensions.

  1. User layer - this layer is generally expected to be written by an application