Tcl/Tk Logos

Collection point for the various logos of Tcl and the Tk toolkit.

Due to the restrictions of this Wiki, these should all be references to either GIF, JPG or PNG images.

Logos in the Tcl/Tk source code distribution

Coming from Laurent Demailly's Website

Tcl/Tk Core

EPS Tcl/Tk Core Logo EPS
45x75, AnimatedTcl/Tk Core Logo 75 Animated
82x125Tcl/Tk Core Logo 125
80x128Tcl/Tk Core Logo 128
80x128Tcl/Tk Core Logo 128 Alternate
120x181Tcl/Tk Core Logo 181
354x520Tcl/Tk Core Logo 520

Tcl Powered

EPS Tcl Powered EPS
AnimatedTcl Powered Animated
48x75 Tcl Powered 75
64x100 Tcl Powered 100
97x150 Tcl Powered 150
113x175 Tcl Powered 175
130x200 Tcl Powered 200

Tcl Association Logos

At Tcl Association Logos


GJL A vectorized version of the original Tk logo, with some 3d high/low lights added:

The icon file with 16/32/48 resolutions is here: [L1 ]

The SVG file is here: [L2 ]

WJG (22/06/08) The following logo is shown an Wikipedia for Tcl. [L3 ]

Scratch Area

Question: Should we collect the logos for extensions here too ? -- AK

DKF: If you want. Logo of the Tcl Developer Xchange at [L4 ]. This logo was created by David Zolli and initially used for the french Wiki [L5 ]. Some variations hereof are here [L6 ] and the feather logo in different sizes and formats is here [L7 ] including a favicon.ico version and a MacOS X application icons.

[L8 ] updated tk icon with 16 32 and 64 pixel size icons And remember folks, there is no Secret Tcl Illuminati.

Logos of various extensions to Tcl/Tk.

Unofficial Tclkit logo Other sizes here:

Historical Notes

LES What is the story behind that logo? Who made it and what does it mean? ( Presumably referring to the memchan logo? - davidw). No. I mean the Tcl/Tk logo. The quill. - les.

The quill? I always thought it was just a feather. Think "tickle". Nothing fancier than that.' --aa

The feather (pen) logo has to do with Tcl being a "script"-ing language.

FW: Could be a double-reference. I'm wondering who designed it, since it's one of my favorite language logos (small distinction, I know)

Apache is the feather, Tcl is a quill

Clif Flynt The Tcl Feather logo was designed when Tcl was still housed at Sun Labs. The Java folks got the coffee cup, and the same design group made the original feather for Tcl, for the 'tickle you with a feather' pun.