Tcl/Tk Project Manager


Tcl/Tk Project Manager , is a full IDE for programming in Tcl/Tk. It includes a project and file manager, a source editor with syntax highlighting and procedure navigation, a context-sensitive help system, and much more. Included TkREGEXP - a graphical front-end to write/debug regular expression. Working an Unix (Linux tested) and Windows.

Requires Tcl/Tk >= 8.6, BWidget, tcl-Img

Git repository

New shot of ProjMan 0.4.5:


https://[email protected]/svk28/projman.git
Authors website
Sergey Kalinin
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Programm latest archive download


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male 2007-03-06:

Nice to see those screenshots from this dev environment, but not nice to see, that it is made to run from Unix/Linux only.

The documentation tells, that it runs on Windows, but the unzipped application tries to access directories like /usr/bin/... or /usr/Share/...!

But ... perhaps I shouldn't try at all - I love my VIM and I can't stay away from it! ;)

ZU 2007-07-24:

You can install it with "install.tcl", the default dir is "C:\conero", and then run "C:\conero\bin\projman.bat",then you will see the windows version.

Have fun.

(I am so sorry to say that, there is a lot of bugs.... I can't use it at all, only for fun ...)

BanZaj - 2018-02-13 14:57:13

I woke up this project =)