Tcl/Tk Videos from Across the Web

This page collects videos about Tcl/Tk from across the web, from streaming sites like youtube, to simple downloadable video links.

How To Program In Tcl/Tk: Tutorial Videos For Beginners

This has more than 30 video lessons packaged in an Android application. Explained in Arabic and in English. The language of explanation is according to your current language of your system interface.

Programming using Tcl/Tk Course.

How to Program in Tcl/Rivet : Tutorial Videos for Server-Side Web Programming

Many websites these days use PHP as their default sever-side scripting language. However, You can go against the flow, and write a whole website using Tcl and its library named Rivet . Rivet is what makes Tcl run as a server-side scripting language. This way you can slightly lessen the hacker attacks. Not many know that Tcl can be used as a server-side scripting language. Rivet has the web features like cookies, sessions, dealing with form methods POST and GET and REQUEST .

Programming using Tcl/Rivet Course.

How To Program Android Applications Using Tcl/Tk And Androwish Runtime : Tutorial Videos

Ever wanted to know how to use Tcl/Tk on your Android phone?!?!? Well.. Watch this YouTube playlist:

English Version of the Tutorials

Arabic Version of the Tutorials

Code walk-throughs

Self-reload, a walkthrough of how to write code live using the interpreter, and end up being able to use eval to reload your own code, on the fly

Program demos of Apps written using Tcl/Tk

Mathematics based sounds through block editing, demo (a bwise demo)


Looking Ahead to Tcl 8.6 Jeff Hobbs (playlist of 3 videos)

Random Stuff

Tcl/Tk is used for a BSD network diagnostics tool.