Tcl/Tk Wiki not found from Google anymore!

Tcl/Tk Wiki not found from Google anymore! Why is it not getting indexed properly now?

Let me elaborate.... If I go to Google and type “tcl wiki” or “tcl/tk wiki” I do not get it on the first page list at all. Not a good thing.

DKF: They won't tell us why. They never do. Google don't feel responsible for anything.

LV 2008 Nov 03 - Today, I went to and typed in "bwidget" and on the front page had hits for 67 hits. So it looks like some amount of the wiki is being indexed. Perhaps not all of it?

Scott Beasley 2008 Nov 03 - I know it was being crawled in depth until about 3 weeks ago. The Python wiki is first up on a "Python wiki" query. Hmmmmmmm..... I wonder if the Google App Engine folks are behind this one! ;)

Do we need to add a meta name or the like tag to the wiki index page? i.e. "<meta name="robots" content="index,follow">"

LV I don't know enough about generating google-indexing friendly web pages to know if something is needed. Maybe jdc does?

MG There don't seem to be any meta tags being generated (keywords, description, etc). People always question how much of an effect they have compared with keywords saturation and inbound links, etc (many people think search engines take little notice since you define them yourself), but it's probably having an impact.

CMcC My fault. Google bots accidentally got onto the block list. I've reinstated the wiki, it should reappear in google. . Scott Beasley Thanks Colin. I'm glad it was a simple problem.