Tcl Software Wanted

Purpose: This page acts as a want ads board. No guarantee that someone will have the software you are seeking - but perhaps someone will be willing to write the software if it doesn't exist. To ensure that you get an answer, you should either include an email address on the page, or create a Tcl'ers entry to your WWW page so that people can get back to you. Otherwise, you will need to check back on this page to see if any answers appear.

LV: Tcl based spell checking extension - given a list of text, return a list of words not found in a dictionary. -- With only a toy dictionary, but real highlighting on text widget, see A little spellchecker

LV: Extensions to a variety of 'sounds like' type search algorithms - see the Perl CPAN modules for examples of several of these.

AK: Public key cryptosystems. Trfcrypt has several secret key variants, but no PKC's. Wrappers to existing libraries (SSLeay, PGPLib) are in the same category.

AK, from a proposal on c.l.t: Unified database access library. Steal from perl (DBD interface). GWL How does this differ from tdbc?

LV: Verbose version of package command that is helpful in debugging why a particular pkgIndex.tcl isn't working.

LV: Unified WWW searching extension - one passes search terms and a search engine and the extension underneath interacts appropriately and regardless of the server either raises an error or returns a list. See Perl's WWW::Search for same concept, different language.

LV: I would like to brain storm on how to go about writing a Tcl/Expect/http type program that would allow me to write simple crontab-able scripts that log into a web site, fetch files, perform functions, etc. then logs off, generating a logfile of all actions taken. DL: Then create a page with your concerns. I don't see what the big deal is offhand, though. Such tasks seem simple enough. LV: Tcl based Web form interaction has now been created.

Christian Gavin [L1 ]: The Tocx extension (ActiveX support for Tcl/Tk on Windows) should be completed (I have found a 0.9 version at [L2 ]).

Joe Mistachkin: Christian, have you looked at TclBridge?