Tcl Tutorial Lesson 35

Changing Working Directory - cd, pwd

Tcl also supports commands to change and display the current working directory.

These are:

cd ?dirName?
Changes the current directory to dirName (if dirName is given), or to the $HOME directory if dirName is not given. If dirName is a tilde (~), cd changes the working directory to the user's home directory. If dirName starts with a tilde, then the rest of the characters are treated as a login ID, and cd changes the working directory to that user's $HOME.
Returns the current directory.


set dirs [list TEMPDIR]

puts "[format "%-15s  %-20s " "FILE" "DIRECTORY"]"

foreach dir $dirs {
    catch {cd $dir}
    set c_files [glob -nocomplain c*]

    foreach name $c_files {
        puts "[format "%-15s  %-20s " $name [pwd]]"