Tcl and the weather

Weather related applications appear sporadically around the Tcl community. Here are some pointers:

Has a "weather" command supplied as an example in its source distribution. "However, note that the version in Expect needs a modification to handle a new web site location for the weather information, and that new site requires the machine doing the request be located in reverse dns lookup or it refuses to provide data." [June 2002, LV ]
Iaian B. Finleton's collection of weather-related Tcl fltk demonstrations
Includes several the documented examples focusing on weather data.
Company: Impact Weather
A little rain forecaster
A Very Simple Weather App
Enhancing Satellite Weather Images
NOAA Weather Forecast
tclweather, by Jason Tang
An applet.
YAWA - Yet Another Weather App
Forecast profile visualization and analysis tool kit developed by NWS.
Weather Animations
Collect and animate satellite weather images.
Weather TCL for eggdrop
A tcl script for looking up weather via eggdrop.
Noaaport Broadcast System Processor
A software suite for receiving, processing and distributing the contents of the NOAAPORT weather data stream.
simulating daily temperatures

What: TkWeather
Description: TkWeather is a compact Tcl/Tk GUI that will access the weather underground via telnet, grab the latest weather forecasts for the cities of your choice, and display the relevant info.
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