Tcl extensions by Michael Schwartz

 What: Tcl Extensions by Michael Schwartz
 Description: This page contains pointers to a number of Tcl extensions,
        including a Tk that uses Curses,
        GD (Image file rendering based on the Tom Boutell's gd library
        - supports PNG and GIF) - version,
        GDI (Graphics device drawing similar to Tk canvas, but for Windows)
        - version gdi8411,
        HDC (Name/address manipulations) - version,
        WMF (Windows metafile context for copying to clipboard)
        - version,
        Tkmsmail (MAPI and CMD mail interfaces, allowing Windows programs to
        send mail) - version (now available from the tcl core's
        CVS repository and is TEA compliant) ,
        Print (printer contexts, providing invocation of common printer
        dialogs and exposes the device context for supporting interaction
        with other platform specific drawing primitives - Windows and Unix) -
        Profile (.INI file manipulations - Windows and Unix) - version,
        Signal (simple signal processing - Unix) - version 1.4,
        Winexec (Windows exec command which can properly launch detached
        16 bit and DOS apps as well as Win32 apps) - version,
        a .zip bundle of Tcl 8.2 DLLs with NT stubs.
 Updated: 06/1999
 Contact: see webpage

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