Tcl trivia

How did we manage to live this far without such critical bits of information?

  • LES ran info commands with ActiveTcl 8.4.7 on Windows 98 and found 85 commands.
  • LV ran [llength [info commands]]] in the core tcl 8.4.7's tclsh on sparc solaris 8 and got 86.
  • SO ... (who couldnt resist on a Friday afternoon ...) Tcl 8.5a2 from the HEAD Oct 19, 2004, on NetBSD 1.6.1 - 90 commands
  • DG How many exports in tcl8.5a2's tcl85.dll? 704 of them are from the Stubs table. That's a lot of functions!
 D:\tcl_workspace\tcl_head_stock\win>dumpbin /exports release\tcl85.dll | findstr
 /C:"number of functions"
         974 number of functions