Backtracking and Constraints in Tcl-BC at USENIX Fourth Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop Monterey, California, July 1996

 Dayton Clark and David M. Arnow
 Dept. of Computer and Information Science
 Brooklyn College

ABSTRACT: Tcl is extended to include backtracking controls and a facility for asserting constraints. This increases its flexibility in several domains and opens the possibility for its use in constraint-based logic programming applications and, conversely, applying constraint-based logic programming techniques to more traditional script language domains. The backtracking extensions are written entirely in Tcl itself, a fact which speaks well for Tcl's own extensibility.

Full paper at [L1 ]

Source code bc.tcl (.tgz) at [L2 ]

George Petasis: An updated version of bc.tcl which runs under Tcl 8.4 can be found at: Page: [L3 ] bc.tcl: [L4 ]