Tcl-URL!, initially by Jean-Claude Wippler, was a periodic newsletter about Tcl that ran from 1998-05-13 to 2011-08-25 .

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Google groups comp.lang.tcl search
jcw's archive of Tcl-URL! newsletters from 1998-05-18 to 2000-07-17. He also has a Python-URL! archive for about the same period.
Tcl-URL , by Dave Williams
Back issues of Tcl-URL, last updated 2010-05-23.


Tcl-URL was posted to some combination of comp.lang.tcl, comp.lang.tcl.announce, and the Tcl-Announce mailing list . To subscribe mail was ssent to t c l - u r l at p h a s e i t dot n e t. first issue , by

Other web sites mentioned for tcl-url appear to be defunct. They were:

About Tcl-URL!

What is the "" domain name in the link? This is Tcl, after all!
Yes, this name has an unfortunate ring to it, especially when pronounced. Look at the OCLC's [L1 ] site for a simple explanation.

Tcl-URL! is not yet another resource (well, it wasn't intended as such). Let me put it differently: once it becomes one of N resources, I think it will have failed. There's plenty of that already, this would be N+1.

Tcl-URL! does two things, but it's still one and the same issue: making the volatile Usenet work better. For long-time c.l.t readers, it can be a front page headline service, for first-time visitors it can be the gate to all the main resources.

Perhaps Tcl-URL! can also be the breeding place for new sections, which when they become large enough would be split off and mentioned periodically, or at least launched so that they can start leading a life of their own.


Tcl-URL! is posted weekly on the news:comp.lang.tcl and news:comp.lang.tcl.announce newsgroups, by a rotating team of volunteers. Each posting contains 5-10 newsworthy items, with references to the corresponding articles in these newsgroups, or a link to an announcement page on the web. Everyone participating in this joint effort does so for a month or two, before passing the stick on to another volunteer from the Tcl/Tk community.

The format of the weekly Tcl-URL! postings is kept simple, and focused on content (example: [L2 ]). This page will continue to track all weekly announcements, acting as an archive and as monument to honor all those who have participated in this project.

So far, the following people have helped maintain the Tcl-URL! resource:

             Stuart Cassoff   -  [email protected]
            Laurent Duperval  -  [email protected]
            Cameron Laird     -  [email protected]
              Arjen Markus    -  [email protected]
               Matt Newman    -  [email protected]
               Mark Roseman   -  [email protected]
              Brett Schwarz   -  [email protected]
                Roy Terry     -  royte[email protected]
        Jean-Claude Wippler   -  [email protected]
as of jan 2006
              Arjen Markus    -  [email protected]               The Tclers Wiki
                Uwe Klein     -  [email protected]      Comp.lang.tcl and other news
            Cameron Laird     -  [email protected]                     Supervising Editor

As you can imagine with such a new initiative, we are looking for more volunteers! Let it be said that your participation and effort will be highly visible and a most honorable way to help support Tcl/Tk and its flourishing community. Please contact the current maintainer or me if you are interested in sharing your personal choice of news items through Tcl-URL! for a while. See How to be a Tcl-Url editor!.

-- JC

Tcl-URL! has relatives. "Python-URL!" [L3 ] is an immediate sibling, largely involving the same people and processes as "Tcl-URL!". Somewhat more distant are periodic news digests for such technologies as:

... [many more] [give references] ... For language discussion, see also the Lightweight Languages list [L8 ] and the Programming Languages Weblog [L9 ].

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