Tcl2007 Call for participation

TCL 2007 First call for participation/Papers.

In September 2007, the North American Tcl conference returns to the historic French Quarter of the city of New Orleans. Join us for what promises to be the best Tcl conference yet. Even better, contribute a paper, be prepared to talk about a work in progress, or join in on the lively "Birds of a Feather" discussions that may range in topic anywhere from "Using the Tile widget set" to "Obsolete weaponry."

Tcl 2007 will be held at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, LA. Tutorial sessions on various topics will be held September 24-25, with the conference itself running from September 26-28.

Submit abstracts and proposals for tutorials to the Tcl 2007 program comittee by sending plain text proposals to "tcl2007 at tcl dot tk". Pretty much anything Tcl/Tk goes; however in the past we have had papers on topics such as:

  • Application of Tcl/Tk in industries as diverse as engineering, industrial controls, broadcasting, financial services, medical and electronic design
  • Networking with Tcl/Tk, including distributed applications and network management
  • New widgets and techniques for GUI design with Tk
  • Simulation and application steering with Tcl/Tk
  • Tcl/Tk on handheld and embedded devices
  • New Tcl extensions and add-ons, including Tcllib and Tklib
  • Tcl/Tk-centric operating environments

Author schedule:

  • Submit abstracts and tutorial proposals to "tcl2007 at tcl dot tk" by July 1, 2007
  • Authors will be notified of acceptance in midJuly
  • Author materials should be submitted back to the proceedings editor by September 15, 2007

The following invited presentations have already been confirmed:

Damon Courtney will give our Keynote talk:

"Building native-looking cross-platform GUIs is easy"

Ttk (that's themed Tk to you and me) is a whole new way of developing cross-platform GUIs with all the ease-of-use, familiarity and stability of the Tcl/Tk toolkit that's been around for over a decade. It makes your Windows applications look like Windows. It makes your OSX applications look like OSX. It makes your UNIX applications look like... well... whatever UNIX looks like these days.

Jeff Hobbs Tcl release manager will provide his annual entertaining "ActiveState of Tcl" talk, and will provide us with the actual scheduled release date of Tcl 8.5.

Miguel Sofer, Tcl Core member and Byte Code interpreter/compiler expert, will talk about his involvement in Tcl core development as well as his recent contributions toward 8.5 and beyond.

Finally, no Tcl conference is complete without the availability of true experts of the language, with which you can discuss your problems and how to best solve them. This year we have already confirmed the attendance of (in no particular order):

  • Jeff Hobbs: The Tcl Guy, Tcl project Release Manager and more
  • Clif Flynt: Author of _Tcl/Tk:_A_Developer's_Guide_
  • Steve Landers: StarKit and Critcl co-developer
  • Mike Doyle: President of Eolas
  • Miguel Sofer: Tcl Core Team member and byte code interpreter expert
  • Damon Courtney: Author of InstallJammer and expert on cross platform portable GUI design with Tile
  • D. Richard Hipp: Tcl Core Team member and author of sqlite
  • Richard Suchenwirth: author of several hundred wiki pages and weekend projecteer extraordinaire
  • Donal Fellows: Author of the object system support proposed for the Tcl 8.5 core

Conference Committee:

 Gerald Lester       VisiPrise Software Facilities Coordination
 Clif Flynt          Noumena Corp       General Chair
 Steve Redler IV     SR Technology      Program Chair
 Steve Landers       Digital Smarties   Program Co-chair
 Cyndy Lilagan       Eolas Technologies Program Co-chair
 Kevin Kenny         GE Global Research Center       
 Jeffrey Hobbs       ActiveState Software Inc
 Andreas Kupries     ActiveState Software Inc
 Ron Fox             NSCL Michigan State University 
 Donal Fellows       University of Manchester
 Larry Virden        Tcl FAQ Maintainer     
 Mike Doyle          Eolas Technologies    
 Richard Suchenwirth Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services 
                        Postal Automation Division

The Tcl 2007 program committee would like to thank the conference sponsors:

  • Noumena Corporation
  • Digital Smarties
  • Eolas Technologies

... and last but certainly not least...

  • ActiveState

 The email address for submissions and proposals is now open.

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