What: TclFont
 Description: Technology for creation, display, and printing of scalable
        _stroke_ fonts defined as Tcl scripts.  Package has 4 parts -
        a sample font, code to scale stroke fonts, Tcl code to
        create a PostScript Type 3 font from a stroke font, and
        set of Tcl code to display single glyphs.
 Updated: 02/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] 

AMG: html isn't a valid TLD, last I checked. Also is "for sale". Sorry, this is a doubly broken link.

LV Yup - that url was exactly as things were posted to comp.lang.tcl, some time ago. I just corrected the original curvesoft.html to, even though, as you say, that is wrong as well.

I wonder whether anyone who used to work at CurveSoft has any clues as to where rights to tclfont reside now.

2011-12-15 - The domain "" redirects to a "this domain is for sale" landing page.

2013-05-23 - New link: