Title: TclMacBag

Description: A bag of widgets for Tcl on the Mac. TclMacBag is written entirely in Tcl.

License: BSD


Author/s: Peter Caffin (peterc) and other parties.

Requires: Img (except where Tkimggif and Tkimgpng libs are already loaded) and Tile/Ttk.

Rationale: The aim of this extension is to allow Tcl developers to use pretty Mac widgets, knowing they'll be rendered appropriately on other platforms using Tile and Tk fallbacks. It's an extension which would be used in conjunction with Tile and shares the overall goal of being able to use one command and have it look platform native where-ever it's run.

Widgets: For a full list of the widgets and informational variables in this package, see [L1 ].


Above: The toolbar, combo, flatbutton, searchentry, text, listbox and helpbutton; Just a few of the widgets in this package.

For more screenshots, see: [L2 ]

2008-01-06: Tkinter users report that TclMacBag is "particularly easy to install" for Python [L3 ].

For a group of related Mac packages, see mactoolbar and aquahig.