TclShell for Vim

Lorance After using a simple Shell plugin for Vim for years I thought I'd try writing a Tcl Shell. TclShell is a plugin for Vim that creates a shell like window/buffer that allows execution of simple Tcl code similar to how tclsh works. There are also several key mappings to make the window act like a real shell. The plugin works by creating a function that reads the line of code from the buffer, removes the prompt then evals it. I also temporarily replace puts with a version that writes normal stdout to the shell buffer. The shell also handles entering variables by changing them from '$variable' to 'return $variable'. There are several configuration options to change how the shell window behaves and the key mapping used to open the window.

The bulk of the code resides in an autoload file. This code is only loaded when the TclShell buffer is created. The plugin file only has the minimal code to create the command and key mapping to open the shell window. Unfortunately this requires Vim 7 to work.

Testing has been performed on:

Tcl Shell at GitHub

Tcl Shell at

(I wrote this for myself so all feedback/suggestions/changes welcome.)