TclSpice is an improved version of Berkeley Spice designed to be used with the Tcl/Tk scripting language. The project is open-source (BSD license) and based upon the NG-Spice source code base with many improvements.

SPICE is a general-purpose circuit simulation program for nonlinear dc, nonlinear transient, and linear ac analyses.

Features and Improvements:

  • Fully Tcl scriptable - installs with 'package require spice' statement
  • Hspice syntax (SpicePP).
  • GUI interface: SpiceWish (BLT graph widget)
  • BLT (tcl compatible) vectors for storage, manipulation and arithmetic upon Spice waveforms.
  • Xspice additions (Georgia Tech).
  • Trigger upon waveform events.
  • Spice 'simulator state' save and restore for rapid 'what-if' simulations (no longer need to re-simulate from the beginning each time a device value is changed).

update: tclspice is now a part of ngspice and builds under its source tree

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