NOTE: This help file has been supplanted by an online version that works on all platforms.

APN This is a compilation of the documentation for Tcl/Tk and the most commonly used extensions and libraries on Windows. This is also now the distribution mechanism for TWAPI documentation. Download [L1 ]. Updated 2019-01-10.

Comprehensive, detailed table of contents. In particular, Tcl commands or C functions within a single page have individual entries. For example,

  • Subcommands, such as string match
  • Widget options, such as -activebackground
  • Options and specifiers, such as %f focus specifier all have their own entries.

A combined and detailed index makes it easy and quick to locate specific information. For example,

  • Typing <<MenuSelect>> will take you to the description for that event
  • Typing %EE links directly to the description of that clock command specifier
  • Typing 'connection' will show the entries for TDBC as well as the IIRC package
  • Typing 'string match' will directly take you to the subcommand description.

Full text content search.

Documentation for the following distributions are included:

  • Tcl/Tk
  • Tcl Windows API
  • Tcllib
  • Tklib
  • TDBC
  • Thread
  • TDOM