This Windows application is meant to be a total replacement for the Start Menu. Eventually, it might grow to be a replacement for the entire shell (explorer). Commands can be executed single or double clicking. This allows you to easily have 10 to 50 commands or more accessible in one click.

It features Tcl/Tk support via TclBridge, drag and drop, COM plugin support with event hooking (please see ), DDE support, "floating" command support, nested commands, auto-hide, and full scriptability.

Was also known as "Joe's Really Spiffy Tcl/Tk Toolbar". It is now known as LiquidToolbar.

RS Was surprised to hear that the above widgetry was all implemented in Visual Basic...

Joe Mistachkin Actually, it uses Visual Basic for the front-end, Visual C++ for TclBridge, and Tcl/Tk scripts to automate it. The COM plugins/hooks can be written in any COM component producing language.