TclWiki General Discussion

First things first: what do we call this thing?

Bryan suggests "TclWiki", as in:

    package require TclWiki

(hey, I started the project, I get to pick the most obvious name!)

Is this project intended to focus only on converting text that is marked up using some flavor of wiki formatting, or will it also address functionality such as search, recent changes, and references?-BPT

JC: The idea (well, at least as I meant it) was to cut loose the rendering from the logic of wiki's, sort of like the HTML -> Tk package. That way, one could implement other wiki's in Tcl yet try to come up with a uniform formatting convention. As standalone "renderer", this might also be used to generate (non-wiki) web pages without knowing HTML.

Bryan: that was my idea as well -- to provide a library that just does the rendering. Multiple wiki-like applications could then be built on top of this package and they would all share a common set of formatting rules. The other stuff -- auto-indexing, contents, history -- are all highly dependent on the underlying data structure. That probably can't be generalized.

maybe TCL::Wiki ? (namespaces...)

something that i'd like to try, once I can finally get my head wrapped around TCL (if...), is author-authentication.

I think that WiKit is great, and would like to tell people about it.

but I wouldn't care to have a massive bout of vandalism in the wiki community.

also, a(n edit-able) map of the full community might be nice. but not sure if a full WGet of the whole space would be a good idea or not. (may try it anyway, shortly.)

(s.champ) [L1 ]

DKF - 20000413: No, since the sub-namespaces of ::tcl should be reserved for stuff that is private to the Core, and while Wiki's are great, they don't really belong there. IMHO, ::tclwiki would be just fine (or some capitalisation thereof.)

LV - 2000-Apr-26 It seems to me that the rate of random graffiti is here is increasing, but is still pretty low. JC, what's the rate of vandalism on Tcler's Wiki?

RS - 2000-04-26 As I understand it, the graffiti page is there for random scribbling, and newcomers are invited to go there just to check out the edit mechanism. I wouldn't call that vandalism..

JC - 2000-04-27 Yes. I think there's been one "Kilroy was here" type of entry, and one or two minor losses - which were probably just mishaps. People do behave responsibly, when given the chance :)

LV - 2000-Apr-29 Sorry I was misunderstood. When I mention random graffiti I wasn't meaning the graffiti page. What I meant was the creation of nonsense, irrelevant pages, or scribbling on other pages in a silly or vandalous manner. For instance, if someone came to this page, deleted every other word, ran a jive filter on the rest, or wrote Tclers are bozos, that would constitute random graffiti in my mind.

DKF - 20000430: Well, if there was just a way to access the changelog for each page (even if only in the crudest of fashions) then the problems of random graffitic trashing of pages - the most serious thing that could happen since you can't delete pages over the web - would be pretty much alleviated. Someone could always fix things back the way they ought to have been (not necessarily the precise way they were; they might think of a way to change things to make it better) and the vandals might notice that there is a record of what was there before so moderate their behaviour. Trashing a site that is open to additions but which can recover from any damage you do is not much fun; they'd go elsewhere. Plus, we do not want to conceal this site for fear of someone messing it up; it is one of the great strengths of the community, and hiding one's lights under a bushel has not been recommended practise for several thousand years. :^)

Coming from WardsWiki, my question is: Is this a WikiForumWithProgrammableContent (in Tcl/Tk). In the positive case, could you please point to a HelloTklWorld page in this WikiForum. Thank you. -- FridemarPache

AK - 20000508: This Wiki contains mainly text, but there are several pages with tcl code too. Start at New Pages.