TclXSLT [L1 ] is the XSLT accessory to the TclXML project. It wraps the GNOME libxslt [L2 ] c library.

What: TclXSLT
Description: Tcl wrapper for the Gnome libxslt library. Allows Tcl scripts to invoke XSL transformations as well as allowing Tcl to define and implement XSL extension elements and functions.
Now part of TclXML v3.2.
Updated: 12/2008
Contact: See web site

Examples and Tutorials

Please let SRB know how you would like to use XSL stylesheets in your Tcl apps. I'd like to start a series of pages that provide a TclXSLT tutorial.

An example application using TclXSLT is tkxsltproc, a GUI for xsltproc. For Mac OS X and Windows at

Steve Ball has a minimal example of how he calls back to Tcl to handle a common need for an external reference with TclXSLT [L3 ].

This package is part of the ActiveTcl Batteries Included distribution.