Tcl_Obj types list

SS Feb162004 - In the process of writing the GC for the references package, I needed to know what Tcl_Obj types aren't able to represent a valid reference. Numerical types are an example, but I wanted the full list of types defined inside the core. To reach the goal I wrote the little script at the end of the page, that I hope is sane enough to provide the full list.

This is the list of types defined in the .c and .h files under the /generic directory. For every type there is the C symbol name, and the name to pass to the Tcl_GetObjType function to get the pointer to the type stucture.

For tcl8.6.1:

C SymbolName
assembleCodeType "assemblecode"
dictIteratorType "dictIterator"
encodingType "encoding"
exprCodeType "exprcode"
indexType "index"
lambdaType "lambdaExpr"
levelReferenceType "levelReference"
localVarNameType "localVarName"
nsNameType "nsName"
oldBooleanType "boolean"
substCodeType "substcode"
tclBignumType "bignum"
tclBooleanType "booleanString"
tclByteArrayType "bytearray"
tclByteCodeType "bytecode"
tclChannelType "channel"
tclCmdNameType "cmdName"
tclDictType "dict"
tclDoubleType "double"
tclEnsembleCmdType "ensembleCommand"
tclFsPathType "path"
tclInstNameType "instname"
tclIntType "int"
tclListType "list"
tclNsVarNameType "namespaceVarName"
tclParsedVarNameType "parsedVarName"
tclProcBodyType "procbody"
tclRegexpType "regexp"
tclStringType "string"
tclWideIntType "wideInt"

For tk8.6.1:

C SymbolName
mmObjType "mm"
optionObjType "option"
pixelObjType "pixel"
styleObjType "style"
tkBitmapObjType "bitmap"
tkBorderObjType "border"
tkColorObjType "color"
tkFontObjType "font"
tkStateKeyObjType "statekey"
tkTextIndexType "textindex"
windowObjType "window"

The following is the script used to get the list. Please report any bug of the script, or additional types defined in well known Tcl extensions!

 set files [glob {/home/antirez/SVC/tcltk/CVS/tcl/generic/*.[ch]}]
 append re {Tcl_ObjType\s+([A-z]+?)\s+=\s+}
 append re \{
 append re {\s+"([A-z]+?)"}
 foreach f $files {
     set fd [open $f]
     set text [read $fd]
     close $fd
     set types [regexp -all -inline $re $text]
     foreach {- cname name} $types {
        puts [format "%-20.20s \"%s\"" $cname $name]

DKF: Don't forget to list the types defined by Tk as well. And you might want to check for platform-specific types too.