Tclhttpd as a starkit

Step-by-step instructions to create a Tclhttpd starkit are available from and in the sample chapter of Welch, Jones & Hobbs' Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk published (as a pdf document) at

It is often sensible to create your own starkit, since the release available from SourceForge [L1 ] is inevitably not up-to-date with respect to the CVS head, which has some important changes.

Alastair Davies has run into difficulty making this work on Microsoft Windows. I have a kit file that runs OK on MacOS X and runs OK on Windows when it is unwrapped. But when it runs on Windows wrapped, it serves all documents as text/plain, without interpreting the template files at all. More specifically, this happens when it is run using tclkit 8.5a4; it works OK wrapped when run with tclkit 8.4.12. Does anyone have any ideas why? (13 April 2006)

I had the same problem under Linux. I found that htdocs/.tml file was doing a package require mypage and failing. The mypage.tcl file was in the custom directory but there wasn't a pkgIndex.tcl file so I added a pkgIndex.tcl file and it fixed the problem (Nov 7 2007) - tomk.