Tclkit Lite

Tclkit Lite [L1 ] is a light-weight (as of Oct 2005) variant of TclKit

The limits and differences are:

  • it only reads/runs/mounts Metakit or zip-based starkits & starpacks, not create or modify them
  • it does not include Mk4tcl, so all dependencies on C++ are gone
  • does not include Incr-Tcl
  • it adds a small TEA3-based new C-only extension (called "vqtcl")
  • performance is "sort of" like Tclkit, but varies because it's a different code base
  • it does not use the "mk4vfs" VFS driver, but a simpler one called "mkclvfs" (MK Compat Lite)
  • Tclkit Lite is smaller than Tclkit (some 250 Kb less on Linux, no more Mk4tcl nor C++ runtime)
  • SDX has been extended to support creating starkits when used with Tclkit Lite
  • On Windows, the lite binaries can be AuthentiCode signed

The tclkit build project (kitgen [L2 ]) produces 'lite' tclkits (tclkit-cli, tclkit-dyn and tclkit-gui) along with the original style 'heavy' tclkits (tclkitsh and tclkit). See the README file for details.

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