Tcllib base64

base64 , a Tcllib module, provides commands for encoding and decoding binary data in base64. In Tcl 8.6, it has largely been superseded by binary, which also provides base64 encoding and decoding.




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Obsolete Information

The following information is no longer particularly relevant. It remains for historical purposes.

The base64 which is part of tcllib is slow, and catastrophically memory-hungry for large (on the order of a megabyte or more) sources. The memory disaster results from what Donal Fellows reports as a bug to SourceForge [L1 ]. He provided a patch as well [L2 ]. Although it doesn't help performance significantly in the cases of interest to Cameron Laird, a simple fix for the memory woe is to overide base64::decode with a version which substitutes

set length [string length $string]
for {set ii 0} {$ii < $length} {incr ii} {
    set char [string range $string $ii $ii]


foreach char [split $string {}] {

Note: in the current version in tcllib (version 2.2.1 of base64), this code has been replaced by

binary scan $string c* X  
foreach x $X {