Tclrep is a Sourceforge project for pure-Tcl packages maintained by MB.

The goal is to provide a place for Tcl experiments, with much less constraints than the high-quality Tcllib project. Emphasis is made on design. Several packages are based on SNIT. Several packages are simply useless : no documentation, duplicated from other libraries, etc... But some packages might be useful for Tcl fans.

The current repository hosts also PocketEditor, an editor for PDAs :

PocketEditor is a work which follows the scripts designed by RS and EF on e: a tiny editor plugin for eTcl and e: a packaged tiny editor for eTcl :

The following is the list of packages available in Tclrep :

  • arraybytesize : Computes the memory required by an array with specific type (integer, real, double, etc...)
  • blockseltext/
  • escterm-1.0/
  • filetools/
  • fortrancommon/
  • fortranunroll/
  • gettofs/
  • hrbytesize : Converts a size in bytes into a human readable string, such as 39 MB for example.
  • indent/
  • jobexec : Includes a class to run background jobs, such as described in Matthias Hoffmann - Tcl-Code-Snippets - Misc - Bgexec
  • largestfilesview-1.1/
  • machineparameters : Computes machine parameters with respect to floating point numbers.
  • montecarlo/
  • optimization/
  • packagefinder/
  • pocketeditor/
  • searchrep/
  • sfind-1.4/
  • stepdlg/
  • structqueuestack/
  • tclmkrelease/
  • testmodule/
  • textbook/
  • texteditor/
  • textfind/
  • which-1.1/
  • wingeo/