Terminal Emulator with Tcl support, for windows only, commercial product.

See http://www.innovativelogics.com/index.php?page=product&item=termi&link=main

AMG: I had a look through the manual, and something jumped out at me on pages 8:

TERMI > set $address 20000
TERMI > set $data 1234
TERMI > SendOut “devwrite $address $data”

and 9:

TERMI > set $address 20000
TERMI > SendOutR “devread $address”

I'd be really surprised if those "set" command lines are correct; if this is based on Tcl, those dollar signs shouldn't be there.

Also I assume the argument to SendOut and SendOutR should be quoted with "straight quotes" and not “fancy quotes”. But I frequently see technical literature mangled by overly helpful word processors that do automatic kerning, M- and N-dashes, conversion of "..." to "…" (single-character ellipsis), "smart" quotes, automatic capitalization, and so forth. MS-Word converts linelabel:(void)puts("hello"); to Linelabelvoid)puts(“hello”);. That  shows as a frowny face in MS-Word. See "Inverted question marks in an article " at [L1 ] for a related problem. </rant>