The "Clone Don Porter" Project

The "Clone Don Porter" Project aims to fund full-time resources to perform work under the guidance of a Tcl Core Team member.


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Under this project programmers are assigned to work full-time on improving Tcl. The goal of this project is to accomplish tasks that facilitate dgp's continued efforts as a member of the Tcl Core Team. The project relies on financial support from Tcl users, and as long as that support continues. The work queue will be curated directly or indirectly by dgp. Coordination and communication will occur primarily in the Tcl Chatroom.

Funding will be solicited from individuals and other entities with an interest in Tcl.

The first round of work for project was completed on 2018-06-24, with funding efforts still in progress.


APN I'm all for this project but sadly, can only offer moral, not financial, support! Good luck with getting the backing.

looks like a really great valgrind improvement, and if we can maintain at this level, that would be a great standard to sustain.
dgp, Tcl Chatroom, 2018-06-26


If you see value in this project, please add your voice here to encourage others to support the project.



concatenating binary array with empty string yields the empty string
Reported and fixed .
Let TclNRTailcallEval handle namespace problems .
This is a fix for issue 3592747 .
final changes to successfully run make valgrind with no "still reachable reports"
The platform for the successful run was Linux 4.16.13. If Valgrind still reports issues on your platform, please submit a report with the details.
Add tools/valgrind_suppress
Valgrind now issues no "still reachable" reports for cmdAH.test. The suppressed reports concern getpwnam_r behaviour.
Plug leak in TclSetEnv
Valgrind now issues no "still reachable" reports for env.test.
Remove dependencies between tests in env.test
This should make memory leaks easier to spot.
Fix errors in async.test under valgrind
Valgrind slows things down enough that previous assumptions about time to completion are rendered false.
Reference counting for ItclMemberCode
Similar changes were already applied for ItclObject. The larger goal is to address performance issues mentioned issue 271 .
Added a gdb-test target to SampleExtension
For more convenient debugging.
Fix valgrind target in SampleExtension
TCLLIBPATH` was not being set so there was a risk of picking up a previously-installed shared object.
TIP 498 , Fix memory leak due to reference counting error
TIP 498 , Move refCount management of lookupNsPtr out of "resolve:/goto resolve" block
TIP 498 , Fix reference counting error in TclRenameCommand
TIP 498 , Fix memory leak in Tcl_DeleteNamespace
Deduplicate code in string comparison functions
Also avoid generating the string representation of pure lists and dictionaries when comparing with the empty string.
Fix memory leak in epoll
Cleanup the eventfd trigger file info created during initialization.


  • trace: Improve error handling and resolve other known issues.
  • array: Redesign machinery to support array for and array searches



bll 2018-06-25 Who the hell is "we", and who do these accounts belong to? kreidla put this information here and who is that? Scam? Does someone really expect that money would be transferred to an unknown account?

kreidla 2018-06-26: Komtere OÜ , an Estonian firm founded in 2016 by Nathan Coulter and Karl Reidla (me), is running this project. The bank details are also available on the Komtere website , but since the certificate for the site is self-signed, those doubting the authenticity of this information may want to contact us directly or give the information on this page sufficient time to be redacted by others if it is false.

Transactions may be made in USD and EUR via the following accounts:


 Account Holder: Komtere OÜ
 Account Number: 8310069383
 Wire Routing Number: 026073008
 ACH Routing Number: 026073150
 Address: TransferWise, 19 W 24th Street, New York, 10010, United States


 Account Holder: Komtere OÜ
 IBAN: DE687001111060511738 97
 Bank code (SWIFT / BIC): EKTDE7GXXX
 Address: Handelsbank, Elsenheimer Str. 41, München, 80687, Germany


SYStems 2018-05-07: Can we add a Tcl/Tk modern IDE to that list :)

ak I believe that one is a step to far and big.

SYStems let's do it then :)

APN One performance enhancement I would like, if you are taking RFE's, is faster calls to commands implemented in C extensions. They are currently significantly slower than bytecoded commands.


DEC Could this be funded via Patreon?

HaO 2021-07-28: For me, the mentioned web-site " " does not resolve. I appreciate the work of Nathan and met him at the ETCL and TCL conferences. My company would be ready to sponsor general TCL work. Is it possible to get a formal invoice ? THank you, Harald