The Great Canadian Tcl/Tk Programming Contest


The Ninth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference marked the return of the Tcl/Tk programming contest, which had been pioneered in Austin in 2000 as the Great Texas Tcl/Tk Shootout.

Three problems were posed to entrants:

  1. Five-element sorting procedure: Tcl2002 programming contest: problem 1 - winner, Mac Cody, honourable mention, Roy Nurmi.
  2. Large text display: Tcl2002 programming contest: problem 2 - winner, Brent Welch.
  3. Call graph analyzer: Tcl2002 programming contest: problem 3 - winner, Andrej Vckovski

Entrants got the problems at 9 am Wednesday and had until 10 pm Thursday to submit solutions. (Veterans of previous conferences will recognize that there is next to no time for hacking: Tcl'ers are a collegial group and there's always something interesting going on.)

The pages cited above contain links to the solutions. If you like, you can try to work the problems yourself first, and compare your solution with the winning ones.