The Singularity

A concept from Vernor Vinge's SF masterpiece series Across Realtime

Human Technology evolves to the point where humans cease to exist in any form recognisably human.

(Less sanguinely) Vinge claims that: "Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly thereafter, the human era will be ended."


How is this Tcl related?

NEM: Perhaps the creator of this page saw TIP 131?[L1 ]

CMcC: How is "The Singularity" related to tcl? Simple: Tcl 9.0 :)

KBK: The integration procedures in the math::calculus::romberg package [L2 ] in Tcllib can deal with well-behaved singularities, such as power laws and inverse exponentials. See the manual for more details.

Whether "The Singularity" is well behaved is unknown. :)

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