The idea of scripting

[Explain embedding a scripting engine in existing application to achieve flexible combination of fixed elements. This raises questions: which scripting engine to embed? How to do so? What does this make possible?]

Good references:

[Three examples of approach in conventional Java-oriented application development: "Tcl your Java apps" [L1 ] and "Tips for Scripting Java with Jython" ] and, by same author, "Introduction to Jython" [L2 ].]

[Much need interesting write-up of hardware-oriented embedded examples--space shots, submarines, factory controllers, ...]

Scripting vs. programming: I'm not sure whether there is a clear distinction - certainly you can do both in Tcl. Maybe the following criteria make sense (RS):

  • Scripting: single file, few or no procs
  • Programming: Structuring with libraries (auto_index or package); almost every code is in procs

Hmm, not really, since scripting really finds its strength in convenience and brevity of code, not really in lack of organization or proper method ;) - IL

Unfortunately, management in some companies make the distinguishment of scripting == trivial work versus programming (in a real language) == work worthy of promotion and raise

AK An older essay of mine abut the topic, a bit dated [L3 ]. Feel free to move this to the wiki and then update/correct it.

"Lua Lights Up Telecom Testing" [L4 ] hints at more general scripting concepts.

"Adding Tcl/Tk to a C application" is important reading that explains the inapplicability of common scripting notions.

"Why Scripting Languages Represent the Most Important Part of Open Source Movement" [L5 ]

"Why Scripting" touches on the value of "dual-level" programming.

We call them Dynamic Languages now. :-)