The purpose of this Wiki

Good point, suggestions anyone? Just click on the edit link below and let everyone know!

AK: Facilitating discussions about tcl without the noise of ever repeating questions as in news:comp.lang.tcl ?

Or at least shunting such questions to a specific area in the Wiki which answers them all. With a bit of work such an area may even grow into some sort of community based tutorial and examples section.

LV: One thing I hope to see is a resource where people can find answers to common problems, pointers to useful resources, and feel they can update things as necessary.

JC: We'll need to find new ways to make this easily accessible. If nothing else, at least a manually maintained page, IMO. I've added a few more links to the main page for now.

DG: A big graffiti wall. With enough artists, brushes and paint, it might turn into a masterpiece suitable for framing.

DKF: A way of distilling peoples' wisdom together, hopefully creating something greater than just the sum of the parts...

My great hope for programmer's Wikis would be for recipes. I think naming them or categorizing them in a Wiki would be the hard part. Hmm. That sounds like the germ of an idea... --Steve Wainstead

RS -- I didn't call it recipes, but isn't the contents of the Bag of algorithms, Bag of Tk algorithms going into that direction? Categorizing is however limited to alphabetic ordering of (hopefully intuitive) catchwords in the title, but the Bags are still small enough that you can just browse them through...

LV: Users have to date adding several kinds of info to this site.

  1. Technical information relating to Tcl and extensions.
  2. Questions (which hopefully are being answered).
  3. Small examples of Tcl code.
  4. Pointers (URLs) to other sites.

If someone has a package, paper, etc. they wish to publicize, this site is best used by pointing to your distribution. If a distribution site for the source code, word processing files, etc. is needed, one might take a look at , , other other similar sites which have facilities for managing source code, bug reports, downloads, etc. This wiki isn't really designed for uploading binary files, or even massive amounts of source code. is a mailing list for discussing this Wiki, seemingly unused since 2008!

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