Things which might speed this Wiki up

Occasionally people observe that a page takes too long to get to them from the Wiki.

This could be for a number of reasons. The network connection between them and it could be bad or slow. The wiki could be taking too long generating their page. The wiki could be taking too long doing something other than generating their page.

Sometimes people ask what might be done about their perceptions of slowness. If we assume that their network isn't the cause, there are some things which could be modified to speed up content delivery.

I will address some of the things here and now.

  1. RSS generation. This is a terribly slow and inefficient operation. It currently recalculates the entire RSS each time, where it could clearly just generated changed RSS entries.
  2. Recent Changes generation. As for RSS, this could be improved in much the same way.
  3. Searching of content and headers. These are currently performed in the same thread as all other content generation, but they really ought to be performed in a distinct thread.
    jdc: Text+header searches are suspended, executed in a sub process, and resumed when done.
  4. Page generation. The markup is fairly irregular, and I'm fairly sure that the markup conversion code could be rewritten to be sped up.

None of these are particularly difficult projects. Anyone who wants to volunteer to do them can expect more help even than they are prepared to personally provide.

Other suggestions are welcome.



  1. Searching of headers, Header search could be used less frequently with the availabilty of a fast definite autocomplete index on title words. Maybe something similar to this [L1 ] outdated prototype, which is quite responsive on broadband connections.