Tin is a Github-based Tcl package manager that I am working on: https://github.com/ambaker1/Tin

arjen - 2023-04-12 04:22:45

I like the idea and I have actually contemplating something similar. The main issue, I guess, is assembling a registry of packages (but I know that in general there is a lot more involved ;) - see the other initiatives that exist or have existed at some time). Why not use a Wiki page to allow people to populate that registry with their favourites. Your package manager requires a minimum of configuration (mainly a file to install the right files and a github repository), so if that information is put into a Wiki page (with a similar minimal markup), then it would be easy to find them. And easy for people to contribute to.

AMB - 2023-09-08 23:27:21

Thanks! I thought about this, and with version 1.0, what you mentioned is entirely possible. For example, if you created a package/repository called "foobar", and you wanted to share it, you could just have people run this code:

package require tin
tin add -auto foobar https://github.com/username/foobar InstallFooBar.tcl
tin save

This will add the installation instructions to the Tin List, and save it to a local configuration file on your machine.

AMB - 2023-10-19 17:48:15

I decided to make Tin a lot more lightweight. Version 1.1 only has packages "Tin", "wob", and "flytrap" automatically included in the Tin list, to demonstrate how dependencies work. Other packages can be easily included with a "tin add" command.