tixinspect is an inspector for Tix/Tk applications. It uses Tk's send command to retrieve information from other Tk applications. When you choose an application through the File/Select Interpreter menu, lists will be filled with the names of the procs, globals, and windows the the application. Clicking on one of those names will fill the value window with the definition of the proc, the value of the global variable, or various information about the window. The value window is editable and its contents can be sent back to the selected application.

Tcl commands can be sent to the seleted application using the Command: entry, or through a command line (via the File/New Command Line menu) interface to the application.

Download TixInspect in TixApps from http://tix.sourceforge.net/Tixapps/
Binaries are available for Linux and Windows at http://freshmeat.net/projects/tixapps/