GPS: This project has been removed from the public server.

GPS: Tk_Theme now has a scripted version that provides background themes for Tk apps. It works with any Tcl/Tk platform and any Tk geometry manager (grid/pack/place). For example:

I will most likely be basing all further work on the script based version.

Tk_Theme is a package by George Peter Staplin. It's licensed like Tcl. It provides several new widgets that feature XPM image support (theme:frame theme:label & more). It's designed for X systems.

The Malephiso editing system uses Tk_Theme.


There is a forked project of Tk_Theme from Marshall T. Rose named tkTheme (or was that TkTheme). It uses TEA/autoconf and provides a package that can be used via package require. GPS chose not to use his patches because the TEA configuration failed in OpenBSD.

AK: Is the failed config TEA, or TEA 2 ? If TEA 2, please talk to Jeff Hobbs so that this can be fixed.

PT: TEA2 should be OK under OpenBSD with the exception that it requires GNU make. So ./configure; gmake; gmake install is the magic. The older TEA had some other OpenBSD problems (in the link step IIRC).

 What: Tk_Theme
 Description: Extension that provides theme support for Tk via new widgets.
        Allows using an XPM image as the background.
        Currently at version 20 .
 Updated: 08/2002
 Contact: See web site

There is a small glitch in the Tk_theme distribution. It contains a 'theme:menu.tcl' file and the colon prevents it from being unpacked on Windows. Even if it's intended for X systems, you can't see that file if you're on Windows and that is a glitch.

GPS: I've fixed this in the unfinished C version. BTW I'll most likely rewrite the theme:menu code to use SDynObject in future releases.

schlenk: IIRC it has some support to put widgets into the system tray of for example KDE. Used it for a nice graphical ISDN dialer program that is much better than the crappy kinternet in an older SuSE 7.0.