Tk Game Pack

A starkit full of almost 90 games and animations, mostly from this Wiki.

---> See Bundle o' Starkits - URL:

The download is now starsync capable and can be incrementally updated with the following:

 sdx update -from tkgamepack.kit

Latest release 24Mar2005 (button-click fix) - see Games to add section of for a list of the new games added on 23Mar2005.

So, what Tcl/Tk script only games are not yet in tkgamepack? If you are interested, then help by adding or filling in entries in the Games to add section below.

Games to investigate

Games to add

- Please format the text in this section to match the format of a valid Tcl list described later in this page (name, description, url, category). The name will correspond to a filename/directory name, so I recommend against using spaces.

  • [Properly formatted list describing already investigated games]

Rejected games

Binary dependencies

  • Babbleback machine - Snack - thoroughly depends on Snack
  • Asteroids - Snack - should be fairly easy to make this dependency conditional
  • TurnOut {description here} {category here} - Depends on Img - should be fairly easy to make this dependency conditional on Img being available.

Not a game - This is somewhat arbitrary as some "games" that are included aren't games either

Already there


Larry SmithIt will run fine under Tk, but it reads from stdin and writes to stdout - that would have to be changed for Tk. Also, it has only a teeny, tiny, microscopic sketch of a mere shadow of a game built in. It's an engine. No one has ever written a game using it.

Below is an alphabetized list of games that are currently in tkgamepack (sdx version = 2005/03/23 03:41:16 38001-73898). The text is in the form of a valid Tcl list with 4 elements for each game (name description url category). This text will be used to generate the outline used for each new release of tkgamepack.

Categories currently are

 list {Puzzle Games} {Strategy/Board Games} {Action/Arcade Games} {Card Games} Animation Miscelleneous

Games already present