Tk Package

 What: Tk
 Description: Tk is an extension for Tcl which acts as a high level interface
        to a machine's windowing system. On Unix, that would be X11. On
        Windows, that is the Windows OS. On MacOS, that is either X11
        or Aqua (there are at least two builds for MacOS).  It provides
        the means to write simple scripts to create and manipulate
        operating system windows with the various manipulators available
        in C libraries.

        The Wiki site contains a description of the process for
         reporting bugs and patches.
        The ucs-fonts page point to a fixed font which supports
         over 2800 ISO 10646-1 characters.
         There are supposedly other Unicode character supporting fonts.
        The xraylith site has patches for Tk so that it will build under
         either Mingw (native windows 32 bit) or Cygwin (POSIX emulation
         layer) environments using the GNU c compiler.
        The ucsd site has some Codewarrior mcp files to compile Tk8.2 on
         the Macintosh.  The a2000 site documents the changes needed
         to Tcl and Tk 8.2.1 to compile with MPW.
        The xcin web site is a project generating patches for X software
         to support the Chinese input methods.
         Patches for Tk are in the process of being written.
        The Tcl core site has a directory where they are accumulating
         patches for Tk.
        Tk 8.x depends on the corresponding Tcl 8.x package being installed.
        Source or precompiled binaries for Windows (Win32s, Windows 95
        The ime zip file contains Tk 8.4a1 patches for Windows to
         support the Japanese Input Method Editor.
        Tk 8.4.15 is the latest release of Tk, with Tk 8.5a6 being tested.
 Updated: 05/2007
 Contact: See the web site