Tk Widgets in Javascript Paper Chapter 10

YUI revisited

Because of a lot of still-missing base functions in the Tk implementation in Javascript, the YUI implementation and functionality have been revisited and inspected again. Because of some functionality, which was needed and was available, there the decision was made to extract some base functionality to use here. After analyzing YUI to see how to use parts without need for ant build system, a solution was found to use parts of YUI without using the build system, which resulted in only 2 lines to be added to a source file for using it here. For easily being able to enhance with Tk specifics, there was the decision to do a fork of the sources and start only with limited set of modules from YUI.

The name for that fork is TUI (Tcl User Interface), but up to now 90% of original code is still used (for the modules taken over, which is only a smaller part of the full implementation about 20-25%). There have been about 25.000 lines of the source code adapted for TUI usage (not much had to be modified).

After that the implementation of “derived classes” has been started to build a button widget with YUI functionality.

The next part (still in progress) is the implementation of a Tktable widget. There exists a datatable implementation, but that has only title lines and there are always at least one title line. Titlecols functionality is missing completely, and also the tag functionality is missing, so there has been started an implementation of a Tktable widget based on the TUI functionality and similar to the datatable implementation of YUI. As in YUI scrolling will be done with a plugin attached to Tktable widget. Other widgets like Tree, panedWindow, ScrollableFrame etc. will follow.

(Part of Tk Widgets in Javascript Paper)