Description of the software

 What: TkClipper
 Description: multilevel clipboard handler
        Currently tested on Linux and Windows.
        Open source (GPL licence).
        Currently at version 1.0.
 Updated: 03/2010
 Contact: See web site:

Informations about updates

Googie - 5 Nov 2009 - Eclipse (an IDE) has problems with copying contents to clipboard, especially under Linux with KDE and Klipper application running.

The Klipper is clipboard helper application which enables our clipboard to remember more than 1 copied value and lets us to choose which value we want to paste for specific moment. It persists in system tray and shows a menu when clicked - the menu contains copied positions so we can choose which one we're interested in right now.

Problem is that Eclipse doesn't like Klipper, or vice versa, I don't know. What I know is that quitting Klipper gets Eclipse copy&paste to work again. The price is lost multi-value clipboard.

I was getting problem with copy&paste for almost 100% cases, which motivated me to write a little workaround. I just wrote my own Klipper substitute, which I call TkClipper. It's written in "just get it done" way, so you have to pick your own icon for systray (I used tkclipper.png and its name is hardcoded in code below). Also libtray extension is the one you have to get by yourself - for now. I got it from aMSN. Source code quality is bad, but I don't care. Not for this small utility.

Googie - 5 Mar 2010 - I updated it and now it supports both Linux (x86 and x86_64) and Windows systems, configuration window, has icon provided togather with application (so no need to look for it by yourself) and works better overall. I've also created simple homepage with starkits (for Linux and Windows) and source code to download. Just download starkit and add it to some autostart routine.


Let me know if there are any MacOSX (or other OS) users interested, then I'll consider creating port for this system as well (my contact is at ).