TkRat (Ratatosk) is an E-Mail client, the father of Postilion.


The TkRat project appears to have revived and resumed active development...

TkRat is a graphical Mail User Agent which works in an X11-environent (i.e. unix). I started this project around 1992 when the MIME standard first appeared. Since there was no MUA which had builtin support for MIME (required to transport swedish characters reliably) I had to write one myself. TkRat has evolved a lot since those times and has for example been totally rewritten from scratch twice. The initial goal for TkRat was builtin MIME support which it does have. But of course more goals have appeared since then. The current goals are more or less: easy to use but still powerful, reliable, should work well in a mobile environment (i.e. on my laptop:-) and to avoid software bloat.

Current status:

The current stable release of TkRat is 2.1.5. Version 2.2 is nearing completion.