Sparked by recent discussions of a Tk "game pack", I resurrected a Tk variation of the arcade classic "Galaxian" I wrote about a year ago. It's currently a bit raw, but it is playable and actually kind of fun. Currently, it could stand improvement in (at least) the following areas: better graphics, better AI for the baddies, a high score table, more level variations. Like lots of things I start, I had high hopes for this but got pulled away before it was complete. Anyway, with the "game pack" discussion, I hope to find the energy to work on it some more, but I thought I'd post it for comments anyway.

It is currently packaged as both a Starkit and a Starpack and can be downloaded from .

2005-10-29 HJG Not found at , use instead.

Jeff Smith 2019-04-26 : Below is an online demo using CloudTk


  • Left and right arrows to move ship
  • Left Ctrl to fire

Your Mission:

  • Shoot everything!


Jeff Godfrey

05oct02 jcw - The starkit link above works, but it delivers that (mostly binary) file as text in the browser window, which is not perfect. What I do on to make sure .kit files get sent as binary, and hence cause the browser to save the data instead of displaying it, is to add a .htaccess file on the website, containing:

    AddType application/octet-stream tkd kit exe

That's how offers its starkits, for example.

Speaking of which - would you prefer to keep your starkit on your site, or on sdarchive, or both (i.e as a mirror)? I know Steve wants to point to as many starkits as possible - ;) - I'm just trying to understand better what people prefer and what the considerations are.

05-Oct-02 JAG - Yeah, I've noticed the problem with starkit's being presented as text to the browser. I've always just done a "right-click / Save As" to get them. I thought I had the problem with the kits on the sdarchive site also, but I just tried it... apparently I was mistaken as the d/l process is much cleaner. Regarding *where* the kits are stored, I have no problem just pointing to the sdarchive area. I've already adjusted the link for Tk_Bugz above...

05-Oct-02 JAG - BTW, is there a recommended place to store image files in a Starkit? I placed the images for Tk_Bugz in the lib directory with the app itself, and then loaded them from there. I noticed that whoever packaged my tkSokoban as a starkit (JCW or Steve Landers?) organized the kit differently. Is there a standard that should be followed?

I was lazy... just slapped together sokoban <blush> ... no standard spot yet for images - jcw

AK Oct 6, 2002: If we follow filesystem and/or GNU conventions a directory 'data', sibling to 'bin' and 'lib' could be used. On the other hand, if the images are part of a package, then they should be either in the package directory or in a subdirectory of same, IMHO.

AK, Ideas:

  • Store the high score in the starkit.
  • Allow resizing of the area I am playing in.
  • Small (adjustable) delay between clicking on 'Play' and the actual start of the game, to give me time to switch from the mouse to the keyboard. Else I loose my first ships while my hand is in transit. :(
  • Maybe make all buttons activateable via keyboard. 'p' for play for example.
  • If I remember this game correctly, or rather the one I played oh so long ago, there were barriers between the defender and the aliens. This restricted the defender to shooting from the holes in the barriers, and allowed him to hide behind them in case of a big barrage. Note however that these barriers were wittled down by the bombing, so their protection did not last forever.

07-Oct-02 JAG - Nope, you don't remember the game correctly. The game with the barriers was "Space Invaders" - a precursor to games like Galaxian. All of your suggestions are good ones... I'll see what I can do as time permits. Thanks.

AK: You are welcome. And you are right, that is the name of the game I remember. (I had trouble remembering the name before, but as you mention it I now can say that this it).

Vince more ideas:

  • Allow the game to be resized (on my 120dpi screen it's very small, and the enemy bombs are very difficult to see)