Tkfp Medical Practice Management

Tkfp stands for Tk Family Practice


A large Tcl/Tk application that has almost everything a primary care doctor needs to run a networked paperless medical practice:

  • Schedule
  • Demographics
  • Insurance Information
  • Accounting
  • Insurance claim generation and submission
  • Prescription transmission (fax based) and management
  • Drug database with drug interaction checking and checking against contraindications in patient's record.
  • Creating and managing office patient chart notes
  • Allergy, Past Medical History and Problem lists
  • XML database
  • Network server with Tk GUI clients.
  • Designed to run on Linux. Uses a number of Unix based utilities in some areas like RCS, a few small PERL utilities and one PYTHON module.

It is too big to post here. It actually is a large diverse collection of the best stuff I could find in Tcl that I could apply to the problem. I embedded several other large Tcl/Tk apps in it like TclHttpd, Browsex, Plume, and I used a lot of Tcl extensions, Img, tDOM, TclXML, Incr Tcl Tkext, SSLtcl and more.

I was thinking I would like to give it back to the Tcl community in turn for all the help I've gotten in getting it working. Perhaps some unemployed or under-employed Tcl programmers could make a business out of providing service and support for a program like this to physicians :-) .

I also was hoping some really good Tcl programmers might see what I was trying to do and figure out ways to do it better.

unperson You might try to sell the program since it is such a useful program! But please do adapt it into Windows (no offense!). And maybe in the first place you could write your name on this page so we'll know who programmed this great piece of software! Oh! The programmer is Doctor Caldwell himself! Congratulations Doctor Caldwell!

Sourceforge Project Developer Site:

A Medical Practice in Iowa that is using it: [L1 ]

Alex Caldwell M.D.